Our Company's Story

With strong roots in the local community and in the local construction sector, Southside Estates is not just a developer. It’s your neighbor. And in our neighborhood, community matters.

Big House

Family-owned and operated, Southside Estates is a community developer that brings down-to-earth values, excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service to each community it establishes. Every home we sell is characterized by these commitments, and is well-planned, affordable and architecturally pleasing.

Southside homes are built by Conestogo Carpenters, a local builder that has been building premium custom homes for more than 35 years. Southside Estates was incorporated in 2005, and its first community was located in Carthage, Ontario.

As our satisfied customers make Southside houses into their valued homes, and our communities become their communities as well, our dreams are coming true. We invite you to join our neighbourhood too!